LNG invests in venture capital funds targeting early-stage businesses globally.

LNG invests in venture capital funds targeting early-stage businesses globally. Some of the funds we’ve invested with include:

  • Onramp Fund is an internal venture fund that focuses on early stage startups. Unlike other funds that invest in a large number of startups, Onramp Fund’s focus is to help its portfolio companies achieve critical milestones by working closely with select entrepreneurial teams.
  • Crosscut Ventures is a venture capital fund that seeds start-ups in the Southern California region. Lawrence is also an advisor/member of the Crosscut Network.
  • Compound Ventures is a seed investment fund focused on start-up and early-stage businesses in the digital media and transaction technology sectors.
  • East Ventures, based in Tokyo, is an early-stage technology fund that focuses on early stage companies in Asia, with a focus on Japan, Singapore, and Indonesia. Lawrence also serves as a mentor for entrepreneurs funded by East Ventures.
  • Grayhawk Capital invests primarily in B2B disruptive SaaS solutions across a variety of verticals.

Other Investments

Real Estate

LNG partners with niche real estate managers in the U.S and leverages its experience and relationships to invest in international markets.

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Direct Venture Capital

LNG invests directly in early stage businesses focused on developing the next generation of digital solutions to real world challenges.

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Private and Public Marketing

LNG is seeking third-party managers in private equity, credit, and public markets that have specialized strategies requiring proprietary expertise and relationships.

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